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Hi, dis Ryan, and dis is mah blawg fur mah instaggrum pikchurs.
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Hahhahaha lul
#decent  (at Red Deer, Alberta)
at Sylvan Lake Beach Provincial Park, Alberta
WHMIS, TDG, load securement, oilfield haulers, fatigue management, hours of service, log books, pre trips, air brakes. Some new courses yesterday and today and some repeated just to review.  (at Essential Coil Well Service )
Truck I’ll be driving and will be my “baby” that I’ll learn to love an hate ahha.
Masted coil rig I’ll be working on
Do I know anyone in Red Deer that wants to meet up after or go for supper later maybe? Ahah (at Red Deer, Alberta)
Awesome new industrial areas 👍 (at Red Deer Alberta)
And off to Red Deer for the week for orientation, not too excited for this drive Ahah. #essential #oilfield #coiltubing  (at #1 Highway)
#tooturnt #tashhag #instalike